"Svyaz engineering" creates in the SEZ Dubna experienced high-tech production for prototyping of printed circuit boards, development and implementation of advanced technologies with use of structural materials for production of printed circuit boards of new generation.

Official website of the project: www.si-pcb.com

The benefits of the project

  • Own innovations;
  • Modern production equipment;
  • Short terms of manufacturing;
  • A highly qualified workforce;
  • Training of specialists based on the company;
  • Inexpensive and flexible logistics;
  • The newest system of quality control;
  • Placement in the special economic zone.

Distinctive features

  • The possibility of production of printed circuit boards 6 accuracy class by Russian or 10 class by European classification (the advanced level);
  • The use of the most modern technological processes and equipment;
  • Possibility of flexible adjustment technology on the market new needs;
  • Ensuring a high level of production automation and document management, optimization of logistics and management;
  • A wide range of products in the total manufacturing;
  • Implementation of technologies for the production of printed circuit boards with embedded components.

About the company

In 2015 running the plant full-cycle production of double sided and multilayered PCBs, oriented on prototyping and multiproduct limited manufacturing.

The production area of — 12 700 m2

Estimated capacity — 55 000 m2 of PCBs per year.

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