Full-cycle plant with an area of 25 000 m2.

Launched in 2006.

Address: Moscow, 6th Radialnay str. (the district Tsaritsyno).

  • Own construction department: over 100 engineers and designers.
  • Modern laboratory facilities equipped with advanced instruments and stands to perform research and development.
  • Has it own installation and design division.
  • Service equipment with departure on place.

Metalworking production unit

Cold processing sheet metal on the coordinate wisekey Trumpf and Amada presses (10 presses).

Coordinate wisekey press Trumpf Trumatic 5000R.

Plate-press Amada HF 50-12T

Guillotine shears Amada GPN 425.

Automatic and semi-automatic welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (in the presence of 14 welding machines).

Welding machine Amada VC 700 W.

A powder coating production unit

Camera powder coating Ideal Line и Wagner.

Winding and the manufacture of wire harnesses production unit

Electronic equipment assembly production unit

In this production area make final assembling of products.

Climatic vandal-proof cabinets SCV collected and passed quality control department.

Then mounted the side panel and the cabinets are ready for packaging.

PCB assembly

3 lines of SMD components assembling on the basis of the 5 machines of the company Universal (Advantis3 AC-30S and AI-07S, AX-30S and AC-72), with a total capacity of more than 100 000 components per hour and line automatic optical inspection.

Линия поверхностного монтажа

Convection oven reflow solder Vitronics Soltec XPM2 1030.

Печь конвекционного оплавления припоя

All boards are tested by department of technical control.

Mounting of terminal components

Finished products are moved to the warehouse, carefully packaged and sent to customers.

At the Moscow plant carry tours, allowing customers to see the production process and quality control system.