Производство электроники

The production of electronics is the main specialization of "Svyaz engineering". Capacity of the enterprise are designed to perform a full cycle of manufacture of electronic equipment and devices.

The company has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronic equipment for customers from various industries. Services contract manufacturing "Svyaz engineering" are renowned company in the energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and other areas.

The full production cycle of electronic equipment allows our experts to conduct a thorough inspection at every stage of product manufacture. This approach ensures a high quality finished product.

CJSC "Svyaz engineering" takes orders for contract manufacturing of electronics of any complexity.

The whole range of works on production of electronics includes the following areas:

  • Delivery of components for production of electronic products for different purposes and complexity.
  • Mounting of SMD components using the most modern technologies and equipment.

    Поверхостный монтаж компонентов

    Печь конвекционного оплавления

  • Mounting of terminal components. Selection of soldering technique is selected depending on the amount and location of lead elements, their complexity, the size of the order.

    Выводной монтаж элементов

  • Manufacturing of winding products used in devices and electrical accessories.

  • PCB washing, including using systems ultrasonic cleaning systems.

  • Wave soldering. For group is used as component soldering, thru-hole and mixed assembly.

    Пайка волной при производстве радиоэлектроники

  • The application of conformal coatings. This is a necessary measure for electronic devices operated under extreme climatic conditions, exposed to high temperatures, chemically corrosive environments, high humidity and dust.
  • Testing, adjustment and final inspection of manufactured electronic products. Multilevel quality control system to guarantee the reliability of operation of radio equipment and finished equipment.

    Тестирование радиоэлектронных изделий

  • Final assembly into the housing and output testing.
  • Packaging of electronic products. The choice of packaging materials and size of packaging required depends on the requirements of the transportation electrical equipment.

The plant uses modern high-tech equipment of such companies as Universal, Vitronics, etc.

The cost for the full production cycle of electronics or separate the operation, you can ask the managers of the company "Svyaz Engineering" on the phone +7 (495) 544-21-90 #01386.