Test center enterprise carries out all cycle of measurements is in the interests of development and production Departments. Metrology assurance allows you to perform the following tests:

  1. The impact of climatic factors:
    • the useful volume of the test chamber up to 27 m3;
    • humidity range  10 to 98%;
    • temperatures of minus 68°С to 85°С (to 185°С chamber with small volume).
  2. The impact of transient voltage up to 6 kV.
  3. The effects of vibration, shock:
    • product weight up to 350 kg;
    • operating range of vibration frequencies from 5 to 2500 Hz;
    • acceleration to 588,4 m/s2 (60 g).
  4. Tested for EMC.

Measuring machine Mitutoyo

Climatic chamber Thermotron SM-16-8200

Climatic chamber Terchy MHW-9HK

Shaker measuring

Functional tests

Electropribory test

EMC testing