The company was founded in 1997 on the basis of experimental design department of research institute and specialize on the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and power electronics devices.

In 2006, it built its own plant complete production cycle of electronics in Moscow and in 2014 completed construction of a plant for the production of printed circuit boards in Dubna.

Main activities in the field of research and development carried out by engineering personnel of JSC "Svyaz engineering". Over the past 5 years completed more than 50 development works. In addition, subsidiaries are developing with their own design departments.

Research areas:

  • converters, including control of asynchronous motors;
  • solutions for alternative energy;
  • systems of uninterrupted power supplies AC and DC;
  • vandal-proof climatic cabinets and containers for operation of equipment in difficult climatic conditions;
  • development of technology for manufacturing high-density multilayer PCB, mechanical design, and others.

Main developments: Converters and power supplies for locomotives ТЭ25А and 2ТЭ25К, electric locomotives EP20, 2ES5, EP2K; uninterruptible power supply (UPS) AC; UPS DC and inverters for GSM base stations; converters alternative energy for the difficult climatic conditions; vandal-proof climatic cabinets SHKV series; climatic containers KBNK series; LED lighting, including for street applications; cathodic protection of pipelines; systems of electricity metering and lighting control (ASKUE, ASUNO) and others. The software of products is developed by own staff programmers CJSC "Svyaz engineering". There are a large number of patents in the field of power electronics.