Power distributors low-voltage switchboards are exercising more power consumers from one or two sources of supply.

The switchboard carries as protection line against overload and short circuit.

Switchboards produced by our company are welded metal enclosure gray (painted by powder coating), which is also produced in our factory.

Inside the case there are DIN-rail to accommodate equipment, door casing lockable.

The two main types of switchboards:

  1. Switchboards AC

    Intended for distribution AC voltage 220/380 V 50 Hz by consumer groups and overload protection and emergency situations. It is used in industrial facilities, power plants, lighting systems.

  2. Switchboards DC

    Intended for distribution of the DC voltage from the power supply for the consumers, the protection of each output overload and short circuit protection with automatic switches. It is used in communication systems for installation in telecommunication racks and enclosures.

Switchboards produced by our company, meet the following requirements:

  • reliable operation in the normal mode;
  • trouble-free operation of the Switchboard in emergency situations and timely restoration of power supply;
  • long service life;
  • ease of installation of the switchboard in the placements.